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Update: Verticals

How It’s Going: Update

I have no new news this week other than the established heart of Verticals is still working, even if the other classes never took off. If you want to merch your ideas, you can learn to design and silkscreen a T-shirt, make shoes, and develop a brand for your ideas, and manage your wealth with emerging strategies. A link to the group is provided. It also looks like the DJI Robomaster classes are getting some props.


AI4Mars is, as the name implies, is on a mission to use AI to classify Martian terrain. In order to train rovers and drones to register features, citizen science is being used to build a classification library, as seen in Figure 1. This is the essence of machine learning, this back-and-forth dynamic. This project includes crowdsourced inputs, so there could be a result from comparisons to answer questions about the value and scale of citizen science impact. This is one of those incredibly satisfying tasks that I could do all day. Also, this practice helps me to identify terrain types in photos of Earth.

An image of a Martian terrain classification project shows bounding boxes around pebbles and bedrock in a photograph taken from a Martian rover.
Figure 1. AI4MARS classification sample, courtesy of zooniverse.org and NASA-JPL-Caltech

Reusable Blocks

I just figured out that reusable blocks propagate back through all former publication, so it is possible that previous blog entries were lost through this overwrite. Moving forward, the head and tail of this blog will always have the same description, but the feature image might change. That way, if I take a ‘best picture ever’ picture two years from now, I can flood old posts with that image instead of others. This is my first rodeo with reusable blocks.

Typical session and safety orientation

I filmed at Storey Square in Uniontown in unmonitored airspace. I wanted to get a photo of downtown Uniontown that captures the hills, dense neighborhoods, and old spires. I have a soft spot for Gothic spires because they look like rockets, the old churches like spaceships, and because the name Gothic refers to an architectural style that emphasized vertical development, ribbed interiors, and lots of pointy bits. To me, these structures, like the spire pictured below, look like chunky rocketships.

Annotated video for a

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