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Aerial red city
a stylized image of four types of paper airplanes, and a worksheet describing a competition analysis.
Figure 1: Paper airplane test array. Lower left winner by 20 feet. Upper left comically bad, courtesy of Orion Drones

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Downtime for Thanksmas

I have been wearing old spare glasses for two weeks. My clinic had replaced some lenses that were yeeting a scratch-protection coating in big pieces, and the damage was spiderwebbed across the entire lens, both of them in rough shape. I took them back under warranty for repair, and they sent me out again with new lenses that fell out of the frames within an hour of being home. There were visible gaps. So, I took them back again, almost two weeks ago.

My spares do not compensate for a change in prescription, so I can’t see much out of my left eye. I do have contact lenses, but I prefer glasses. Eye protection.

I engaged with students in a science class in high school last week. We had had a paper airplane design competition. The goal was maximum distance in a hallway. In Figure 1, you can see the four designs. The cylindrical glider in the lower right performed nearly as well as the dart in the upper left. The winner had a stiff structural support in the center of the craft at leading edge of the wing, and it flew remarkably stable and stiff.

The featured image of a brightly colored aerial view of a city headed this blog article. It was created using a ‘style filter’, often referred to as a ‘style layer’ or other such. It uses style libraries to transform areas of a composition into something else.

In the image in Figure 2, a single phrase is used to turn text directly into images using the new NVIDIA AI demo lab. In this case, a “penguin next to a boat” or something like that, something random and involves at least two different things is used as an input phrase. Robots do it all! In five years, another form of AI will animate these watercraft in a game or a meme. Then someone will find a way to build one and sell it on Ebay. It will be used, then float out to sea on jetsam and flotsam in a storm of unregulated runoff, and ironically be photographed by a school kid who uses the image as a skin for a vehicle. Potentially endless.

Figure 2, AI generated artwork, courtesy of https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/research/ai-playground/

I used the image of an NVIDIA link on a whiteboard in Figure 3 to invite students to discover a new way to input, transform, and output data according to feature recognition algorithms. I had to rewrite the line three times because the program recognizes empty spaces and discontinuity in word spacing, It also confused some of my scribbly letters.

Figure 3 Photo of a link to NVIDIA AI lab in high school classroom on a whiteboard, courtesy of Orion Drones

Drone Spotting Trend in Uniontown

I spotted a DJI Phantom 3 drone taking photos of the cloud-dappled slopes of Chestnut Ridge from the Target parking lot in Uniontown, PA yesterday. I could not see the operator. If the drone fell on my car, I would have no idea who to blame. That is why I do not fly over private property unless I have consent, an SOP, and consideration for genpop and their stuff.

This is the second time I have encountered bad flying practice in Uniontown. The first was in the form of a suggestion from a guy who urged me to ‘work under the table’. So both times I had an experience with another drone operator in Uniontown, PA that would be considered of poor ethical stuff, unsustainable, and dangerous. So, that is why I ran an ad in their paper, the Herald Standard advertising basic, legal, and safe services.

Other News

Continuing to explore resources through the FAA and NASA is probably going to be a reliable hobby. I have been bouncing back and forth between learning about commercial applications of NASA technology and taking FAA education modules. I try to attend a course and two webinars per week. Like music, if you play, play often. If you play often, find others.

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I became a drone technology service integration researcher in 2017 while in university. When I am not working on drones, I am researching related scientific reports and industry news, flying drones, or tinkering with electronics. Contact me!

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