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Figure 1: AI generated art, ‘Penguin boat race’, courtesy of Orion Drones

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Hi, Orion Drones wants to bring drone services to your town, your next event, your business, to you! We are passionate about photography, aeronautics, inspections, and drone service integration. We bring you news and views here on the blog roll each week on Tuesday at 8:26 am EST, 13:26 UTC. Thanks for visiting!

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‘Penguin boat race’

The featured image in Figure 1 of a surreal floating object was generated with AI using a new NVIDIA AI playground. It was created using a ‘style filter’ often referred to as a ‘style layer’ or other such. It uses style libraries to transform areas of a composition into other things.

Creds and Certs

I am seeking a teaching certificate. The shortage is real. I am enrolling in a hybrid program that would count towards a Masters degree in Education. I can do more good that way. I can help my after school program, school, shucks, even my own family. Expect application of acquired skills to follow.

I am also doing this because I have a writing gig, and it would be wise of me to improve my ability to contribute to the technology it addresses to improve outcomes for the industry it serves. Vague, yes, but necessary. Just know that, through the holiday season, snowbound, I will be working diligently to further research that will help people adopt useful technology.

I am responding to a teacher shortage and a declination in sponsorship for after school programs, drone tech among them. I am going to the transportation companies. ‘Rural development’, you might call it. Things are moving swiftly, so this entry is short. This is a time of action.

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About Me

I became a drone technology service integration researcher in 2017 while in university. When I am not working on drones, I am researching related scientific reports and industry news, flying drones, or tinkering with electronics. Contact me!

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