Tuesday Views: 25 January 2022

Stylized photo of Nemacolin Castle in winter with a bare tree to the left of the East face of the building.

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James Webb at L2 – Community Development – AI is Good, Bad & Ugly – New Gear – Soldering

James Webb

Nearly a million miles, nominal thermal signature, everything jake, knock on largest spanning tree in the J-matrix.

Community Development

How It’s Going: Update

Verticals is a local community development center that hopes to energize Brownsville’s future with after-school programs that enrich young lives and provide a sense of pride in community. A link to the group is provided. I signed on as a drone coach and kicked them some material for training modules. I was going to teach kids how to fly recreational drones, get the manadatory – and EASY -TRUST flyer certificate from the FAA, online, for free, and then get down to business. I was going to teach them how to make a video with a drone. We would go over flight plans, cinematography, operations, editing, and then presentation. This module was planned to integrate seamlessly within a larger ecosystem of course in other technology applications, physical well-being, and business development.

Topics in the Verticals Youth Empowerment program include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, digital fabrication, coding, media production, design studio, blockchain, and crypto. They are presented alongside fitness and wellness resources. Verticals Youth Empowerment Center is designed to stimulate young minds, give parents an inclusive environment in which to socialize, and to offer youth a sense of pride in themselves and their community. I am really excited to be a part of the team.

AI and Ethics – The Good, the Bad, and the Borg

A ramble on AI Bias

I find it interesting that bias creep is news. People lie, they use semantic camouflage. That’s old news. Machines made by ignorant people doing unethical things is an unfortunate artifice of survival. AI and Ethics is a penultimate philosophical issue, a real showstopper. Automated “intelligence” built on weakly informed priors go all the way down. If what we built upon was biased, and what lies ahead also must be vigilantly surveilled for bias, for goodness sakes, we are trapped in simulacra. Trapped here in the middle with Dylanesque resolve. Bias in AI is sort of like Neutron Spallation. Anytime groups bump into each other, irony potential is raised a modicum in the ionization integral of eigenshapes, and stuff. Dumb jokes run in packs. A butterfly landing on a blade of grass has a ripple effect that resolves within the future point spread of a hockey game…in the Trappist system, in a cloud of neutron flux that smells like dark cherries and durian to those who are able to sense that sort of thing, probably. (If you go hypothetical, go big).

Maximum Segue Mode, Engaged

Trying to find the best corollary of the problem of AI bias is sort of like closure, but different. Find the last digit of π on a qubit that yields shaped like Esmerelda’s sketch of Quasimodo lifted in the flames of a sullen constabulary in Ananke, a suburb of Cleveland in the multiverse where Quasimodo had loving parents and Esmerelda was a goatherd living out of a tent in upper Yeet.

Which brings me to new gear.

New Gear

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