Monongahela River and 10 Mile Creek. A marina on the mouth of the creek dominates the right side of the image, the river on the left.
Transition – Photos of Late – Verticals Plug


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Transition: Loss of Opportunity

I thought I lost a job opportunity yesterday. The HR rep probably could not have heard my wife crying as she sealed my fate: not enough teaching experience. You cannot have experience because you cannot have experience. I was invited to pay for another degree. I have no steady income, so that was a no go. I spent the day in a fugue.


I had enrolled (re-enrolled) in a community college teacher certification program. I maxed my loans, I was going through a union, hopefully. I volunteered at a local community center that I thought I was going to miss when I had to move for a job. I taught kids to fly drones and do stuff with them. I had about fifteen unclassifiable emotions then. I had been haphazardly reading a lot of papers on physics, because physics tends to be more reliable than people. Sometimes I read stuff that is way over head because I might learn something, or more importantly, it gets me asking questions, asking why. I surf whywaves, but I did not feel like myself after I thought I lost the job.

In the summer of 2021, a company took me through five interviews and chose someone else. In the summer of 2020, the US Census interviewed and hired me to count people, go door-to-door during a pandemic in rural, backwoods SW Pennsylvania with a cell phone. They called me a month or so later and said they lost all of my info, so would I not mind too terribly repeating all the steps to get hired again? Uhh, I went through hiring and orientation again, only to have the job cancelled. In 2019, I pursued a job for a couple of months that ended up being available at night, and I tested for the technical skills required to do the job and performed well. I turned it down to care for my kids at night.

Having the job offer materialize June 6 and dematerialize 21 days later is consistent with the unreliable domain in which I try to find work. Looking for work is a job in itself. As they say, the journey is what counts. I am 100% down with that. Perhaps I am not the droid they were looking for. I was the droid.

Now I can return to my work. I got an SD card for my thermal camera. I am going to try to run some tests.

Local shots

Brownsville Bridge on a gorgeous day

Dunlap’s Creek at Monongahela River

Towards the old iron bridge, obscured by overgrowth and more recent construction
Dunlap’s Creek Bridge is obscured by the two-lane road and concrete plate resting atop it.

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