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Rain and Excessive Heat

Bad weather kept me busy in other ways this week. The dry spell had to end sometime. I am spending most of my time with my bored children. There is nearly nothing to do in town, so we stay indoors. I have been exploring new design software and trying to get back into an analytical frame of mind after a couple of weeks that surrounded the vacation: the buildup and the reverie is over. Time to hit the books. I am required to receive a permit to teach in WV, and that requires some instruction on instruction.


Midjourney.com is blowing my mind (Figures 1-8). This is natural language processing, machine-learning assisted object-recognition, and stylized high concepts rolled into one. Please email me at jphillips@orion-drones.com for 1 of 3 invites to Discord where the beta is currently rolling with deafening thunder. This algorithm is stealing all my time. I have rendered a few hundred images.

Midjourney makes art. It continues and automates the process of contextualizing art within a hypothetical communication between an artist and audience. Imagine applying this to a CAD program that runs gen tests on tolerances, so you get heat maps in the style of Gustav Klimpt or Norman Rockwell. Why the hell not? Anyways, the images above are site specific for Orion Drones.

Figure 7 gave me an idea for a coanda effect that could be used for drone maneuvers. Figure 8 is an ornithopter. It would move its wings in a sweeping motion like a hummingbird. Drones that incorporate a charge of buoyant gas might be useful. In any case, an AI that makes art certainly inspired me.

I have decided to paint either Figure 9 or 10 and hang it on the wall. I have a hard time concentrating with these kids stuck in the house. The neighborhood is rotten, and we live in a tiny, desolate little village, so boredom crept up hard on the tail of the vacation. It’s like following The Ramones as an opening act, nothing but agony. I started running distance again, and I have logged 15 miles in the past week. I need stamina to enjoy the hour+ commute to work every day, and I plan to run after work 3 days a week on a trail system close to work. I can improve body and mind, explore new places.

Figure 9: Midjourney showed me a blimp underwater that has discovered what looks like an enormous circus peanut floating beside or perhaps inside a luminous blob on the forest floor, as though the earth were under 400 feet of water.

Figure 10: Blorange in flight

I try to plug my local community center. I am not there because I watch my kids over the summer because I have no work, and I basically built this blog on lunch breaks and downtime between classes. My younger son has severe ADHD, and I have all my hair still, so I must be doing something right.

Time Lapse

Tried a dashboard and a hood mount for this sample montage. How on earth do I make a time lapse of rural PA look interesting? Anyways, the car mounts work.

Original Video Soundtrack is being replaced with a free song from YouTube


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