Funicular at Duquesne Incline overlooks Point State Park from Coal Hill, Pittsburgh, PA
Rain and excessive heat – Midjourney design – Verticals Plug


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I have been meaning to film a funicular for a few years, and the drone seems like a good tool to do that. So, I took a visit to the Duquesne Incline. They gave me permission to fly. The weather was just clearing, so I was able to get a little bit of the magic into these images. Between that, a family reunion, and

Funicular Photos ‘n’ At

You can find track this wide in Mongolia, apparently, over 5 feet span between the rails. Ride is smooth as butter. ‘Tis a keeper. The wind was high. I caught the area just after a storm passed. Traces of it linger on the distant horizon. I waited about an hour for the right weather, and I took these.

Out of consideration for their guests, I did not try to get close-up to the funicular. I could see their faces. Because I planned to send the photos to the Incline staff, I kept the people at a distance. I overheard someone next to me on the observation deck say, ‘Well, there, someone finally did it. They filmed it with a drone.” 2022 is drone-friendly!

I started running again. Take care of body, body take care of head.

Maxwell Lock and Dam

Maxwell, PA lock and spillway at dawn

Maxwell, PA
Behind the spillway

Family Photo

Horrible Lighting, but Group Appears to Form the Shape of the Contiguous US,
Wana B Park in Carmichaels, PA

By the dumbfounded look on some of the people’s faces, maybe first group dronie.

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