Tuesday Views: 9 August 2022

No Fly Week – Merry-Go-Round – Reading Stuff – Verticals Plug


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No Fly Week Barges In

Extremely hot and turgid weather. There are frequent showers. A local town celebrated its annual Rain Day on July 29th, but the rain has been strong this year. Humidity in the shallow river valley feels tropical. Crepuscular flight is either sodden with morning fog or full of evening birds that dive my drone. I nearly had contact last week at a dam. The only indication on the video that the bird altered the flight plan is a downward jog in the frame. Figure 1. This tug drifted these lashed empty barges at just the right time.

Figure 1. Coal Barge


Figure 2. Merry-Go-Round

Some people enjoy merry-go-rounds. If it went 50 mph at the outer edge, yes, so would I.

Just like the Standard Model, stylistically represented by Midjourney in Figure 3. which makes sense if you…omit gravity. CERN ramping up its accelerator with new parts at the same time the JWT is plunging into the cosmic past has me confident that 2022 will bring new discoveries. I might even learn how to play Mario 3D World well enough to make multiplayer enjoyable for my kid.

Reading List

Reading some physics, trying to find a moment to read in the loud house. Muons, neutrinos, that sort of stuff. It is nearly impossible with kids underfoot. I will post anything drone-related.

I get a few hours mid-day if I am not dealing with domestic chores. The racket in the house in unending and draining, chaotic. With the weather breaking today, I should be able to get up into the mountains, find some blue sky.

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