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I am onboarding for a new job. Yes, there shall paperwork. Bully for me. That’s just more paper airplanes.

Banana Run 2022

A local festival happened in Brownsville. Attendance was low. Here is an image of the active area in Figures 3-5. I got a chance to run a 5K and film the stragglers. I met with some recreational staff and gave them a card, plus a little demo.

Figure 1. Latrobe Memorial Stadium

Latrobe, PA is a small city East of Pittsburgh. I particularly like this town. There was a festival going on downtown, but I just filmed at the stadium for the rec staff.

Figure 2. Latrobe, PA
Figure 3. Looking South from the stadium on a clear day with ample visibility.
Figure 4. Old steel mill

I flew around the stadium and followed some folks in. There was a large festival going on downtown, but I chose not to try filming that.

Figure 5. Touchdown!
Figure 6. Demo footage. It would be better tracking entrants, but I ran in this. I logged my slowest time ever, but I am improving with every run.

Reading List

  • “Energetic particle loss mechanisms in reactor-scale equilibria close to quasisymmetry”
  • “The non-Riemannian nature of perceptual color space”
  • ” Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Medical Certification Requirements”
  • “Benchmarking TinyML Systems: Challenges and Direction” CHALLENGES AND DIRECTION”
  • Buncha work stuff
  • Anything having to do with Remote ID

Remote ID Killed Rec Drones

The ruling on Remote ID drones will make flying in saturated airspace safer, and therefore more lucrative for commercial applications. As an educator, I hope to develop resources for future pilots. I have studied the FRIA route, but I have no connection to any CBOs ready to develop the capability yet. Hi, I am a Part 107 pilot. I can help.

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