Tuesday Views: 30 August 2022

Onboarding – Banana Run 2022 – Reading List – Remote ID Killed Rec Drones


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I am onboarding for a new job. Yes, there shall paperwork. Bully for me. That’s just more paper airplanes and origami.

New Content

I filmed at Elizabeth Bridge, a real beauty.

Figure 1. Calm river

Elizabeth is south of Pittsburgh.

Figure 2. Elizabeth, PA
Figure 3. Downriver
Figure 4. Elizabeth bridge

This is the feather of a red tailed hawk. I found it next to a rabbit warren. Rabbits use abandoned groundhog tunnels. Hawks hunt rabbit.

Figure 5. Hawk feather!

Reading List

  • “Energetic particle loss mechanisms in reactor-scale equilibria close to quasisymmetry”
  • “The non-Riemannian nature of perceptual color space”
  • ” Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Medical Certification Requirements”
  • “Benchmarking TinyML Systems: Challenges and Direction” CHALLENGES AND DIRECTION”
  • Buncha work stuff
  • Anything having to do with Remote ID

Artemis Foul

Not a full count. An Artemis rocket is a beautiful sight to behold. A return to the moon…I have to remember who I am, an adventurer. If I see a woman on the moon, cue the waterworks. We send the huntress to find the way home, among the stars.

I miss the NASA tech transfer webinars. I resume coursework tomorrow. The quality of these blogposts reflect the time I no longer have. My ‘DIY racing drones’ are basically illegal without Remote ID. Shelved. Dirt bikes stay on the trail. Funny cars stay on the drag strip. Drones used CBOs and schools are going to have legs. I can see ourselves learning to work together to prepare for future explorations with drones. The money is appreciated, but it is entirely incidental.

I still need to work on…so many projects, like the thermal camera. Shelved.

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