Tuesday Views: 6 September 2022

Onboarding – Banana Run 2022 – Reading List – Remote ID Killed Rec Drones


Orion Drones wants to bring drone services to your town, your next event, your business, to you! We are passionate about photography, videography, inspections, and drone service integration. We bring you news and views here on the blog roll each week on Tuesday at 8:26 am EST, 13:26 UTC. Thanks for visiting!

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Quality Issues

I am adjusting to the responsibilities of maintaining a new full-time job. The commute is intense. It eats a lot of valuable time. The blog entries of late reflect this quality issue. The last two were not proofread. The entries were completed in a mad rush on a phone. Tuesday is a tough day to publish a newsletter, but it beats Monday. I am anticipating a return to better work next week.


No flights. Then next few days will also have little or no flight opportunity. Instead of enrichment, the only thing I can share is the pollution from my stupid commute. I basically have been turned into a shoes salesman. However, I did find an hour a week to continue the newsletter. It was nearly scrapped.

Figure 1. Calm river

Elizabeth is south of Pittsburgh.

I still need to work on…so many projects, like the thermal camera. Shelved.

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