Tuesday Views: 13 September 2022

Onboarding – Banana Run 2022 – Reading List – Remote ID Killed Rec Drones


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Gadgets and Software

I need to get back to gadgets and software for automation. I resigned from the new job. It was not a good fit. I spent the week in somber reflection. The phone never stopped ringing. My old school district would call me two, sometimes three times a day. They needed subs. I went back to work there, gratefully. You have no idea how nice it is to see kids you taught grow up to be awesome people.

After finding out my drone has only a year to live, I sort of feel cursed. Why a year to live? Because of Remote ID. Forced obsolescence means my drone is garbage in September 2023. The drone can upload telemetry records, but it cannot broadcast in real time to any applicable local traffic control. I was hoping to work with a WV state drone expert on integration challenges faced by schools and CBOs. I wanted to create local services that could be run by people who work on utilities, roads, and other infrastructure.

New Aircraft, Old Drone Pilot

Gearing up to purchase a new drone. Broke substitute teacher, no story. I am not on the street or anything. Priced out. Going back to reading research papers and dipping the small toes in hobby craft. I need to build the intelligent transport unit, the “smart cooler”. I think it would be a key component for critical care after a disaster. Disaster use cases have widespread value. Grand challenges have widespread value. Steady forward progress is seldom a dramatic event.

The mind is a fire to be kindled


Legal Rodeo

Big picture concepts provide a framework for sustained research. The FAA has published a report that forecasts drone services rolling into 2042. Highlights: I read it. This is a free newsletter, so here’s the ELI5: Basically, the new framework glides into position by September 16, 2022. So, CBOs, FRIAs, rec flyers and waiver chasers, this weekend is hitting different. People want to fly more at night, at events, at distances that maximize the drone’s utility. Crossfire TBS and other arrivals on the rec market will help redefine BVLOS services. I heard at the water cooler yesterday I can send my drone back to the factory after September 16th to get Remote ID on my drone. I have until September 2023 to achieve compliance. Sad. I hope to work with a school or a CBO to keep flying my old stuff with students.

Accounting for the displacement of renewals, cancellations, lapses in registration, and number of new registers per day is about +48 net gain (August 2021). Recall that a rec flyer does not register individual drones.

Figure 1. I need a waiver, courtesy of faa.gov

In Figure 1. you can see that people want to fly at night. Displays and fleet management blues are nigh. The Remote ID ruling will definitely step on a typical drone pilot. What it does usher in is integrated flight traffic control down to smaller cats of drones already regulated by current Part 107 or recreational pilots. I would just point out that delivering non-critical medical supplies and routine lab samples would pave the way for critical care options that surpass the performance of medical transport by car or helicopter. It saves money, it saves lives.

The idea is to move from research to commercial shelf without everyone getting their pants sued off for having as much fun as they would like to have.

Weekly Gallery

There’s nothing here anymore. It is a hulking ruin, a strange backdrop for local fairs and festivals in Figure 2 and 3. It was rainy. It is rainy. It will be rainy.

Carrie Furnace
Carrie Furnace ruins

I still need to work on…so many projects, like the thermal camera. Shelved.

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