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Random Thoughts During a Hurricane Washout Week

The rain was relentless. I took the opportunity to get vaccinations and boosters and such. There is the elevated threat of nuclear war. Herzog intensifies. The possibility of getting the 2022 trifecta of monkeypox, flu, and covid all at the same time is now in play. I feel that large vents spewing methane and other stuff into the air carry ancient bacteria. Bacteria has shown to survive for millions of years below the surface of unimaginably deep dead zones in the ocean. Petrol extraction, mineral mining, and global warming are bringing invasive species to bear in the manner of War of the Worlds. I took the Covid and the flu shots in my arms on Saturday, spent Sunday in bed with a couple gallons of fluids and aspirin for company. I felt recovered on Sunday, superb on Monday, if a bit tired.

The rest of the week will reveal more advances in knowledge that will change the world.

Crash and Burn

Power lines. https://gizmodo.com/wing-food-delivery-drone-power-lines-crash-australia-1849600820


Someone designed a nice speeder that hugs the contours of the landscape. This is a toy, chill. https://sites.google.com/view/ejowerks-speeder/

Weekly Gallery

Catch that game last night?
Before the storm
Standard riotous sunset from my balcony
Ahh yes, flying spiders

Fly Your Ideas

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