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Orion Drones wants to bring drone services to your town, your next event, your business, to you! We are passionate about photography, aeronautics, inspections, and drone service integration. We bring you news and views here on the blog roll each week on Tuesday at 8:26 am EST, 13:26 UTC. Thanks for visiting!

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Research Arm is Live

I recently converted my previous company into a non-profit to get grants and find research opportunities, mostly as a volunteer participant. I would also be able to develop educational outreach opportunities through volunteer work. I do volunteer work for different groups, something that I have enjoyed doing since I was a young boy.

I filed some taxes and such, prepared some statements, and now I will be developing a test bed environment. None of this impacts Orion Drones, and none of this really matters to wedding planners or anything, but it is a big part of my life. So, I am researching some ML applications for vision systems. More news on that next week.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Joseph, I became a drone technology service integration researcher in 2017. Now I fly drones and explore the technology. When I’m not spending time in the studio either working on drones or editing media, I am researching related scientific reports and industry news, I love writing about my journey with drones as both learning tools and assets to individuals, businesses, and communities! Contact me!

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