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Hi, Orion Drones wants to bring drone services to your town, your next event, your business, to you! We are passionate about photography, aeronautics, inspections, and drone service integration. We bring you news and views here on the blog roll each week on Tuesday at 8:26 am EST, 13:26 UTC. Thanks for visiting!

Community Development

Bringing drone to the youth

How It’s Going

The program starts tonight. Will report back next week.

Topics in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, digital fabrication, coding, media production, design studio, blockchain, and crypto are presented alongside sports events and fitness resources. Verticals Youth Empowerment Center is designed to stimulate young minds, give parents an inclusive environment in which to socialize, and offer participants a sense of pride in themselves and their community. I am really excited to be a part of the six-week program.

Shipping batteries – Community Center – Blog – Symmetoche Aero created – Drone – Book translation – electromechanical – Voxels – Animation – Studying for PE exams – Job hunt – Substitute teaching – Errata

Shipping Batteries

According to ADR RID, ADN, IMDG, ICAO / IATA Regulations, lithium ion (lipo) batteries and lithium metal batteries can be hazardous inflight. There are dozens of types of batteries

Community Center

  • I am working as a ‘drone coach’ for a local community development group called Verticals. I made slideshows and prepared for a six-week course experience. I will commit 20 hours to this project as an instructor, perhaps much more. We picked up two school districts. The STEM sessions provide positive socialization, education, and a sense of pride.


  • Same old

Symmetoche Aero

  • Former company Falcon P & O has been converted into a non-profit focused on providing volunteer citizen science resource for community. My first project is surviving an onslaught of compliance fees.


  • Shelved until I get a real job. I need some traction somewhere. I deny myself a vainglorious pastime in favor of ‘more important tasks’ . I have a few of these decisions in my bag at any given time. Options.


  • Shelved until I build a drone.

Translation project

  • Shelved indefinitely.


  • Collaborating with Python, rebuilding an environment within the laptop.
    • Unity script for a ball in c/c++


  • Making models of buildings in 60 60 60 blocks. Made a Coca Cola building model. I will probably make more.


  • Unity is hard. Learning. Built a game, ran it. It no workee. Code in ‘electromechanical’, trying to build again today 10/13/21

Studying for PE Exams

  • Studying is hard. It is always chaos here. I study when I work at the middle or high school.

Job Hunt

  • Have had two serious positions evaporate. I APPLIED TO SIX jobs yesterday.

Substitute Teaching

  • Working every day. Working across all grades. Eating cold bean patty sandwiches. Yesterday, I packed two, so they stayed frozen. I still ate them. It was like an ice cream sandwich, but one you find in a nightmare.


  • Oeonus, augury. Skeptes, thinkers. Klepsis, stealing. Squill, sea onion. Ikes, supplicated. Episkete, you visit. Episketeos, visit. Episketelos, visitor. Telos, end. Oi stochastes klevos ta kremmydis ths thalassas.
    • Parade of the Burial of the Paxaro de Mal Agoiro. The Concello de Bueu celebrated this Sunday, March 10 “

Figure 1 Traditions that should not bite: queiman in Bueu ao paxaro de mal agoiro – Xornal de Vigo

Traditions that should not bite: queiman in Bueu ao paxaro de mal agoiro – Xornal de Vigo


About an hour across the Laurel Highlands

Voxel-based Fabrication

Next topic sentence

Made to test out a 3D printer

Project List

In a prioritized list, here are the projects I am working on:

  1. FINANCE: Trying to find work to support my family – I have two jobs, but I still cannot pay all of my bills. I have applied to hundreds of jobs with my POC info in a header, so it was rejected automatically.
  2. FITNESS: Find a moment to unplug, play guitar or write, and meditate for a half hour and visualize completion of Project #1..
  3. COMMUNITY: Drone Coach at the Youth Empowerment Center in Brownsville to give back.
  4. ART: Oil paintings underway: Two lurid B-movie posters about a mutant killer bat, and space bigfoot.
    1. Continue to take courses in flight safety through the FAA.
    2. Build a game in Unity and populate it with custom agents, skins, and dynamics. Build this into a drone sim.
    3. Rebuild a Python environment in a new laptop, from scratch.
    4. Continue to study for PE Licenses in Computer & Electronics, Mechanical disciplines.
    5. Fly, test drone software, workflow.
  6. TECH: Complete drone build I refuse to allow myself the personal satisfaction of completing until I land a job: If I have time to bind a radio controller to a network board, I have time to write a cover letter for a job.
  7. SEEK VOLUNTEER RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES: Continue to build manageable entities and assets that can be useful for federal contracts. Refer to Project #1.
  8. INTELLECT: Read peer-reviewed scientific research papers on relevant topics in drone tech, astrophysics, machine learning, robotics, aeronautics, and general physics where software code is shared for testing.
  9. LITERACY: Continue translating an old book into English in order to learn a foreign language.

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I became a drone technology service integration researcher in 2017 while in university. When I am not working on drones, I am researching related scientific reports and industry news, flying drones, or tinkering with electronics. Contact me!

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