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Waiver Troubles

Waivers are limited on the menu. For whatever reason, the FAA can see no reason why I should be able to fly a half mile in a straight line just above tree line in a park in the middle of nowhere. Until I can nab a waiver, the only thing I can offer are waivers you can get through LAANC.

I used Kittyhawk for Class D authorization, but Kittyhawk reorganized as Aloft. I was able to complete the workflow for the old process in 20 minutes. Now the software company has created a questionnaire that requires me to have a thorough label, down to serial numbers. This is going to take a minute to set-up.

Neighborhood Perspective

I am babysitting my kids through the summer. One of my sons is disabled. I am his only friend. It’s tough trying to appeal to an eight-year old. You have to know so much about video games. You have to know which color Donkey Kong is most appealing when playing Super Smash Bros., for example. You have to know when to slip a 100-round flash card session into an afternoon at a playground like this bad boy.

I watched a half dozen kids and my son run non-stop for an hour here playing cops ‘n’ robbers.

I have been unable to do much work this past week. The family is adjusting to a post-Covid summer break. Things are moving too slow, I admit.

A a diner

We explored mini golf. One of the local places is closing. Another closed down altogether. The pandemic did a number on one of our favorite pastimes. Someone should Crowdrise the mini golf fiasco. I mean, my local place has rushing rivers that snatch your ball and dump it out through a hollow log downstream onto the green. Someone crafted that entire golf course by hand. Eighteen holes wrapped very tightly upon a steep hillside. That’s a national treasure. The other place was in a cave. A cave! It was the coolest!

Preparing to do a demo with the drone this week, using a camera mounted on my head to document a clinic of moves. I will PIP the moves into a gallery library. The client could choose these moves for photo and video.

A squall knocked this old oak tree over
It took down a section of fencing.
The tree is lying directly on a two-car garage. There were dogs on each side of this fence. Uh oh.
No one was hurt. My son and I watched a storm blow this tree down. I thought a tornado touched down.
This was the more gently second wave of the squall.

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