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New developments. Still shopping for a good video editing software platform. Using a freebie for main processing at the moment.

Had an issue with a GoPro that recorded me saying start video and stop video for voice command while my hands were busy. While viewing the video on my phone, my audible remote voice triggered the nearby GoPro and set it to recording my desktop. I tried to film a few specific types of photo or video clips, and the SD card ate itself and wiped all of my video,

Took my second LAANC-approved Class D airspace flight from Broughton, PA. I flew to 350 feet for a moment to capture some photos, and then brought it back down. A focus function that used to be present on the app is missing. Still no good word on affordable scanning functions. I pay enough in storage and equipment to make the $1,500 annual licensing fee patently absurd for a small operator.

Babysitting has taken much of my schedule away. The problem is the quality of the time my younger son has. His swim classes are cancelled. He is not welcome at the local soccer league. I am teaching him tennis, and I am the only person who plays with him on a regular basis. It’s not very exciting to film with a drone, but it is funny with a GoPro.

I am studying for a PE license in computers and electronics. I have paused an effort to start a non-profit while I absorb the management of a lot of new equipment. I had to reorganize, test, and analyze the value of a lot of software, spatial organization, and do a bit of painting to locate reticence of style. I am preparing to paint aerials. People are hard. Buildings, trees, and rivers are not.

I am going to plan a trip to eastern PA this summer to film in large State Parks. There are no parks in Western PA where drone filming is permitted.

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