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My doctor checked me out yesterday, and I was feeling a bit queasy. Within six hours, I was in bed with fever, chills, on the edge of puking. I drank some water and stayed in bed for fifteen hours. I woke up refreshed, and, weirdly, with no appetite. No idea what that was about, though I did get violently ill about this same time last year. It overtook me so quickly. I was at a river with my kids, wading, exploring, and suddenly I felt like I had the flu. I had to cut the fun short and head home. By the time I got home, I was done. I usually write the newsletter a day before, on Monday, but this was not the case. I got knocked down a peg, momentarily.

Old Drone Test

I pulled an old drone off the shelf after 18 months of hibernation. I had charged its batteries a few times, just enough, I thought. I took it out for a test flight. It could not maintain altitude if positioned less than 9 feet from the ground. Not bad for a year and a half in a bag. So, I have two working “professional drones”.

I took it up to 91 m, and it operated as smoothly as if it was 21 m away. I crashed it. The cutoff for the motors requires a stick to be in a certain position (straight down) for about 4 seconds, but it seemed too long, so I pulled the other stick and flipped it. It was doing a wind-mill on the ground when it died. Two of the propellers had chewed some gravel, and one was slightly bent, too, but the frame showed no damage, and there were no weird noises. So, I quickly flipped it back over, turned everything off, then back on, and got an IMU error message. The IMU emulates nested gyros. Crikey. I powered everything off (even the phone), and when I started it up again, aces. I took it up to about twenty meters, and landed it baby soft on some flat, clean concrete. I had spare propellers. I ordered more. I get to test the other battery tomorrow at a laundromat. I know, jealous, right?

If the other battery passes muster, I will have an extra 12-18 minutes of time to shoot 4K photos, enough time to partially charge the other drone in order to ensure an hour worth of flight time

Fall down six, get up seven.

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