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Back to School

I am about to get into programming and data analysis.

I received a certification as a forklift driver last week to add to my drone pilot certification. I had no idea how hazardous those things can be in the wrong hands. Now I do.

I earned another FAA certificate, this one on teaching: Nafi – Telling is Not Teaching, offered through the online FAA Safety Team Aviation Learning Center. Fantastic course. What I like about the FAA courses is the solid understanding and presentation of learning material. Perhaps it’s me, but every time I take a written FAA test, I read the questions and produce the answers in my mind with a calm, resonant captain’s voice. My goal is to nail one of these to the short lessons to the wall twice a week until Christmas break.

I am preparing for a NCEES exam for electrical and computer engineering. Learning is change.

Distractions: minmax function be spicy enough, but I might be hungry for other machine learning topics. I will develop some essays on them. I studied in a basic machine learning course a few years ago. I never paid for the certificate. I was broke and unfamiliar with Octave, a math programming language. If you mess with Matlab, you probably know something about it or a similar language. Building matrices operations in a TI-89 was slow and weird.

Worrying about AI evil superintelligence today is like worrying about overpopulation on the planet Mars. We haven’t even landed on the planet yet!

Andrew Ng

I disagree. I think the post-information age is struggling with weaponized misinformation.

Niagara Falls

Handheld camera

Aboard the electric Maiden of the Mist, Rainbow at 2:40
Rainbow, Canada
Niagara Falls


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