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New Bills, update on tax filings, and so on

Bills – In two stages

SB 787 –  Unmanned Aircraft Innovation Program and the Unmanned Aircraft Innovation Fund

In order to stay sassy, Pennsylvania is going to invest in unmanned aircraft technology. This bill stimulates manufacturing, supports education, funds research, and maximizes industrial potential. This is not much different than the federal roll-out in 2016-2017. The industry has matured in five years, but it has almost twenty years to reach saturation. Part 1 lays the bones.

Takes place in 60 days.

HB 1675 – Unmanned Aircraft Innovation Program and the Unmanned Aircraft Innovation Fund, part deux

There will be a considerable cost advantage to obtaining one of these grants. Reimbursement for drone at 75% max, for example. That’s JUICY. Hopefully cities start looking at the value the technology possesses.

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