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1. USB Job

A quick option, and our most basic service.

2-to-3-hour turnaround for planning, filming, and preparation of deliverable services. Up to 30 photographs included, and a 1-minute video in 4K. I can do this on a lunch break. Great for small businesses.


2. Day Job

Operations from civil twilight at dawn to dusk

This package offers the flexibility of having the drone pilot onsite for up to 12 hours in winter, or up to 16 hours in summer, as determined by civil twilight times. Typically, this is an hour of planning, three hours of flight, and up to 4 hours of post-process editing. Up to 60 photographs included, and 10 minutes of video on a thumb drive.


3. Scan Job – By Commission Only Due to Outrageous Price of Production Increases

Scan a Structure or Environment

Turn your model into a game element, annotate it for a task in CAD, or prep it for a 3D printed model. Please specify degree of resolution: Basic, Average, or Precise. Move the data into a design suite for CAD, animation, or presentation. Please include specific export formats.


4. 3D Print Jobs


Specify resolution of scanned model. Would you like it printed, boxed, and mailed to you? Would you like models sanded or painted? Affordable! Maybe classy! PRICED PER CUBIC INCH. The example image is a 9.375 cubic-inch model that took ~4 hours to produce. The example costs $2.24 * 10″ = $22.40, tax included. So, if you wanted this model, you would ask for a quantity of “10”. Call if you need any help creating an order.


5. Waiver Job – Offering limited engagements

Waiver Operations Submitted to FAA

Please request 97 days in advance. These jobs take an FAA clearance. If you want eyes up for BVLOS, you want us to fly at night, fly multiple drones at once, from a moving vehicle, close to an airport or other infrastructure, plan a crew operation for a large event, you need a waiver. A waiver of operations is an explicit permission from the FAA and your municipality to conduct advanced drone services. Let Orion Drones perform the analysis and bid on the job. We present the problem, and mitigate the risks. We contact local PD/Fire for a heads-up, local ATC, and any interested parties. Unleash your inner project manager with a top-shelf operation. That lowers liability, and boosts your productivity. Whether this is a wet lease or a dry lease operation, let Orion Drones develop Crew Resource Management operations. Extra charges for sub-contracted labor and insurance will apply. All labor receives training prior to operation.


6. Event Job


Weddings, festivals, concerts, graduation ceremonies, sports competitions, parties, sustained tests and inspection jobs require advanced planning and often accrual of extra equipment. Please provide a two-week notice for events. This allows us a chance to optimize lighting and other cinematic elements. Ray traced scale model flight planning simulations will be presented before Scope of Work is agreed upon by Orion-Drones and Client. Additional charges may apply. Ask about discounts.


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