Tuesday Views 8 June 2021

Hey there!

Hi, I’m a drone pilot, and I am working on some projects. Sometime this week, I expect a new laptop to arrive. I will be able to begin to make nice videos. For example, I will be presenting a five minute video that covers the functions of my drone services.

This newsletter is late; Office reorganization is complete. Travel documents are in process. Not ready with new camera yet, so hopefully video next week. Going with basic, voice-controlled demo filming.

I was using Kittyhawk, which is now Aloft. The process for getting a waiver in, say, Class D Airspace is a bit more complicated than it was before. I have to go through the tedious process of backlogging flights (who came up with that metric? new guy?) for “experience rating” as a factor for approval. I found the new app confusing.

I thought I was going to Scan on my drone for a way to turn footage into a 3D model. My drone supplier is nickel-and-diming me to death. Not impressed. It looks as if the license is completely unaffordable. It promises to ‘unleash’ a 360 degree filming experience, a scanning function for creation of 3D objects, if I pay them $1,500 a year. No way.

Who has a consistent demand in market for that? People who work in established, large construction companies with massive revenue at hand. People looking to cut labor costs with a faster inspection workflow can hire a drone pilot. Not a sole proprietor, a skilled technician.

I am watching kids – productivity is down.

I’ll be babysitting and occasionally getting a chance to use my gear, build stuff, program, but mostly, as I have for the last five years, I will be looking for work and submitting applications, so my skills will no longer be curses that move me.

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