Tuesday Views: 27 September 2022

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No Action

Rain is an issue. I was on a hunt all weekend in search of a book for a series my son is reading, “Volume 7: The Third Wheel” of the Diary of a Wimpy Kids series. So, I drove through the rain everywhere, finally gave up, and bought it on Amazon. Jeff Bezos on Space Mountain alone. I helped. Remember, he has wealth to last for a thousand years.

I am watching the headlines with alarm. The specter of war is an existential threat to the global community. The problems with Russia and Ukraine, or China and Taiwan, well, it’s hard to decide which one is worse. Choose horror or terror. I wonder if we will destroy ourselves out of hubris. If you compound the Russian fuckery with the missing Top Secret documents found in the storage room next to a swimming pool in Mar-A-Lago, the ones with assets and nuke secrets and stuff like that, well, Pandora’s Box has been made real. Trump is like some sort of orange cenobite sent here to invent an ending to our country. A cruel punchline. Dark money run amok in our political system used to give me grey hairs, but now it also gives me grey hairs. Some doors are not meant to be propped open by, you know, an omelets maker on a smoke break at a resort. Imagine having that kind of disorder aboard an interplanetary starship. Horrible.

Science Minute

Say no more.

GoPro shots

I updated some software to run fleet management for display drones. I tended to family while my wife recovered from an illness. I yearn for solitude, a chance to reconnect with a world imperiled by progress and hubris and whatnot, verily.

GoPro footage; timelapse on partly cloudy day, the Mon in the morning fog, a nightfall into indigo

Weekly Gallery

Fog drifts through the steel trusses
SR 40 crossing the Mon in the morn with ducks

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