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I wanted to film the Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station and Carrie furnace. These are incredibly large structures. The power station is coming down. The Carrie furnaces are getting a spectacular linear trail system and recreational development that will connect to different parts of the city. People downtown will have another reason to enjoy a day outside.

The power station is going to be dismantled. A rec center will be going up on the opposite bank of the Mon. An employee from Michigan fell and died onsite during the demolition operations that would precede controlled detonations to bring down huge chimneys, some in the excess of 400 feet tall, taller than I could fly with a drone. I had wanted to capture the fall, the incredible sound of the impact, the rising dust in the aftermath, the sight of the rubble as it cleared. The chimney demo has been delayed completing the investigation. The hyperbolic cooling towers are eventually going to come down.

Figure 1. Falls on the up, but the toll takes a pandemic nosedive, courtesy of bls.gov

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