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Happy Belated July 4th

I spent the week teaching my son how to swim. I have very little drone news. I finished another round of paperwork for a job offer. I enrolled in a teacher certification program to teach general science. Pythagorean cheeseburgers times a joke about Boomers equals you’re done. I have been reacquainting myself with the GoPro (Figure 1), and I am getting ready for a blow-out weekend of filming. During the past week, I found myself troubled by violence in society. It is difficult to normalize all of the trauma unfolding in this country. Ruminating on the 1/6 commission, the Ukraine War, rando shootings, and crazy inflation is stressful. Monkeypox can just get in line.

Figure 1: GoPro with blemished windshield

I need a vacation. I went running a couple of days ago to get it out of my system. I ran trail in Copper’s Rock State Forest. I ran about 3 miles out, and had a 4-mile fartlek back, trying different blazed trails. Then I relaxed with some taco-flavored crickets, watermelon, and a root beer. Believe it or not, no one steals my lunch at work, either. Figures 2 – n are from the past week.

Local shots

Halo on a foggy morning

Figure 2: Halo over sewage station in Brownsville
Figure 3. Foggy
Figure 4. Foggy 2

Decommissioned Hatfield Ferry’s Power Station

Figure 5. Power plant shut down in 2013
Figure 6: Towards the Mon River
Figure 7. Before a storm front
Figure 8. Notice the size of this thing

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