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Cat Wrangling

Ever wrangled cats? I am blaming the low effort blog entry on problem of getting a cat to the vet, a strong, adopted feral cat. I have been pursuing some challenges that feel like cat wrangling. Juggling them has kept me occupied all week. The headlines are a dumpster fire of impending war, climate cataclysm, and political acrimony. I try to absorb it all, but it seems rather spicy these days. Take your pick, Sweet Brown. I always thought that capitalism would drive us off a cliff. There’s probably an overpriced waterslide waiting for us there.

I have been disputing a permit process to teach for a week. I won the dispute. Endeavor to persevere and look good with more grey hair.

I updated some fleet management software, took a teaching drone out to a local parking lot for an outdoor test. Lost a prop trying to fly a line through the car from the front left door to the rear right window. I was catching some gusts from that storm. It increased the turbulence the drone experienced while moving through the windows, small apertures that generate turbulence and high-pressure zones where the drone strays too close to a surface.

Figure 1. Low def photo taken with small teaching drone a few minutes before rainfall. I flew the drone through the car, too slowly.
Figure 2. My first time flying a drone through a car in a windy parking lot.

Local Festival

A local festival happened in Brownsville. Attendance was low. Here is an image of the active area in Figures 3-5.

Figure 3. Brownsville Festival

The small squares are the vendors. In Figure 2., you can see the stage. They had a DJ, crafts, food, local stuff. I asked the organizer for a photo op, and I was up. The weather has been dodgy, but the sudden drop in temps gave me a boost on running training. This fall, I will be doing some follow-along trail shots through the incredible foliage of the Laurel Highlands.

Figure 4. Festival with pavilion
Figure 5. The former bank building dominates foreground of downtown Brownsville, PA. It now offers subsidized housing flats.

I flew through the new arch (Figure 6) from the position here the Snowden Building once stood before collapsing in 2020 after a generation of neglect. Downtown Brownsville sits on a floodplain, but the bridge is tethered to bedrock. Bridge 1, Snowden Building 0. The arch is significant. The first cast-iron bridge in America sits underneath market Street, Figure 4. far left. The old Dunlap’s Creek Bridge is now sort of buried underneath infrastructure designed to stabilize adjacent structures razed long ago. The place where the Snowden building once stood is now an empty grass lot. There is talk to develop it into It is an excellent place to fly drones out over the river. Loose talk like that, it certainly raises eyebrows and drops jaws, but does it help Brownsville? Of course it does.

Figure 6. A dip under the arch

Reading List

  • “Energetic particle loss mechanisms in reactor-scale equilibria close to quasisymmetry”
  • “The non-Riemannian nature of perceptual color space”
  • ” Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Medical Certification Requirements”
  • “Benchmarking TinyML Systems: Challenges and Direction” CHALLENGES AND DIRECTION”

Basically, with the kids and work-at-home wife in the same room with me (kid yelling at me as I type), I can do nothing. It is hard for me to rub two brain cells together. I need peace and quiet. I would rather be outside, flying a drone. .

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